Dec 1, 2008

Was Ascol Right?

Of the entry that Ascol refused, posted previously here in my blog, Ascol said to me:

"your remarks about him crossed the boundaries of what is appropriate."

Did I? Where did my "remarks" "cross the boundary" of what is "appropriate"? I don't see it. If anyone "crossed the boundary," surely it was Gene. One of us cannot see things correctly and honestly. I do not believe I am the one. Is he applying the same standard to Gene and others as he is to me? Let the reader judge for himself.

Ascol also wrote:

"Now is the time for Southern Baptists of all stripes to stand up and hold those who misrepresent brethren with whom they disagree accountable for their words and actions."

He says this but would not let me publish the reply I gave?

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