Dec 1, 2008

Tom Ascol & Baptist DNA

Dr. Tom Ascol, in his most recent entry, see here, one in which one of my responses to the "PROMULGATOR" Gene Bridges was disallowed, wrote:

"Any vision of Baptist identity that consciously welcomes heresy into the DNA is dangerous and I would think that other Baptists, regardless of their views on the doctrines of grace, would as well."

This is very odd in view of the fact that Dr. Ascol would not answer Dr. Yarnell's question about sharing Baptist communion with those baptized as babies. Dr. Yarnell asked Dr. Ascol this question:

"Now, will you and like-minded Calvinist Baptists distance yourself from the infant baptizing Presbyterians? For instance, would you assure us that you would never allow a Presbyterian to participate in your church's celebration of the Lord's Supper?"

Is it good for Baptist DNA to "welcome" the errors of the Presbyterians? Is their belief in regeneration of infants good for Baptist DNA? Is the Presbyterian belief in regeneration apart from the means of the gospel good for Baptist DNA? Is their belief in "ruling elders" good for Baptist DNA?

If these things are not good for Baptist DNA, then one would expect Ascol and the church he pastors to be for keeping Baptist DNA pure, unless of course, he believes the Presbyterians are correct on these things, or else believe they pose no threat to Baptist DNA.

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