Dec 13, 2008

Hyperism & Adoption

Some Hyper Calvinists have invented an "ordo salutis" that has these distinct stages to the regeneration-conversion experience.

1. Regeneration or Begetting
2. Faith
3. Adoption and Justification

What is wrong with this order?

If I am a child of God by regeneration and divine begetting, how can I then be later made a child by being "adopted"?

I can understand how I can be a child of God in spirit by regeneration and then later, when my body is resurrected, it is adopted. However, I cannot fathom how my soul, becoming a child of God by birth, yet needs to be adopted to make me his child.

How did "adoption" make me, in soul or spirit, his child in a way that regeneration did not? Some will say that the birthing makes one a child of God in nature, though not legally, and hence the additional need for the soul to be "adopted." But, again, the question is, did not my being actually made a child of God by birth not legally constitute me a child?

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