Dec 10, 2008

Life Because of Righteousness

"And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness." (Romans 8: 10 KJV)

By the "body" is meant the human mortal flesh, or physical body. By the "spirit" is meant the counterpart to the body, the spirit, soul, or mind that indwells the body, and not the Holy Spirit.

A Christian is one who has a mortal corrupt body just like all others. Though he is promised a resurrection, for his body, yet it is only in his spirit or soul that he now, in conversion, has been "made alive," or spiritually "resurrected."

Why does the body die? What is the cause of its death? It is "because of" sin. Death is the product or effect of sin. Sin comes first, then death. The act of condemning precedes the infliction of the punishment.

The spirit of man is also "dead" because of sin and so the need for a resurrection of his soul as well as his body. The soul is made alive in regeneration and conversion, in being united to Christ by the gift of faith.

Why does the spirit live? What is the cause of its resurrection from spiritual death? It is "because of righteousness," just as death is "because of sin."

Justification is the basis for regeneration so regeneration cannot precede justification, logically speaking, or in regard to the order of God's decrees.

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