Dec 5, 2008

Reymond on Regeneration

Robert L. Reymond writes:

"Regeneration is not the replacing of the substance of fallen human nature with another substances, nor simply the change in one or more of the faculties of the fallen spiritual nature, not the perfecting of the fallen spiritual nature. Rather, it is the subconscious implanting of the principle of the new spiritual life in the soul, effecting an instantaneous change in the whole man, intellectually, emotionally, and morally, and enabling the elect sinner to respond in repentance and faith to the outward or public gospel proclamation directed to his conscious understanding and will" (A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith, 721-722)."

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The verses that Reymond used to prove his "born again before faith" error do not prove it. I have examined all of the verses he has cited in my present series "Hardshell Proof Texts" and showed that they do not teach that error.

But, notice how Reymond (James White's man) says that "regeneration" is not a conscious experience! Tell that to Paul! Tell that to the woman at the well! Tell that to the Philippian jailer! Tell that to Lydia!

Notice also how Reymond says that the change that is effected in regeneration involves changes "intellectually, emotionally, and morally." How can this kind of change be unconscious? How can a man be changed in these ways and not know it? Notice also how Reymond can have these changes, but no change of the heart and mind from unbelief to faith! If a man is changed "intellectually," why does this eliminate faith?

He says this "change" does not involve a change from unbelief to belief, for this is only what comes later, after the intellectual change.

He also says that the gospel is addressed and directed to the "conscious understanding." A man is spiritually unconscious when he is regenerated, then he is made conscious, and then the gospel can be effective. Where is the gospel as a means in regeneration, in this scenario?

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