Dec 18, 2008

Soul Winning

Oh how I want to win souls for Christ!

I am often grieved over the lack of effort I spend in witnessing to lost and ruined sinners.

I am full of joy unspeakable when I can tell sinners, hardened sinners, about the love of Jesus and his power to save!

Has, or will, my time spent writing apologetically, and as a teacher and writer in Christian doctrine, help to win a soul to Christ?

I hope that a Hyper Calvinist, or Hardshell, or anyone who lacks "mission fever," will be delivered from their error in doctrine, purpose, mission, and state of mind. If I can do that, and inspire others to be more evangelistic, then I think I will have been useful in "winning souls to Christ" in an indirect, yet mighty way.

I am happy for the opportunities I get to speak of Christ daily with those I meet. Are you a Christian? I don't mind asking that at all!

When I was a Hardshell I would ask people something like this - "do you believe in God?" I did this inorder to see if they were of the elect, or regenerated. If they said "no," I might argue with them for the sake of argument, but with no thought that what I said could save them.

Today I preach to the lost, to the "dead," to those who are "unregenerate," to those who hate God, who reject him, and who are atheists and agnostics.

I love it when I can can lead a soul to Christ. I think these are the greatest times in my life! To be the Lord's "mid-wife"! What a blessing! What a responsibility!

God, my Father, give me greater opportunities to witness to "every creature," to show my love for my neighbor in this superlative way!

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