Dec 5, 2008

Thanks Billy

My Arminian friend, Billy, of classicalarminianism's blog, left a comment on a blog that was promoting the "born again before faith" error and left the following comment.

"There are some Calvinists who disagree with the theory that regeneration must precede faith. Calvinist Southern Baptist Stephen Garrett at, who defends Calvinism rigorously (but cordially) has posted many arguments against the notion that regeneration must precede faith."

See here

And here

Thanks Billy!

P. S. I am a former Southern Baptist. At present I am not.


Anonymous said...


Oooops! Sorry about the SBC thing. I didn't know that you are no longer Southern Baptist. I should have looked into the matter further :)


Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Billy:

I was a member of a Southern Baptist church till a year ago when the church I had recently joined was "split" over an attempt to Hyper Calvinize the church, and to turn it into a Presby-Baptist church. So, since then I have been working to begin a new church here in Monroe. I do visit other Baptist churches in the area that are associated with a small seminary here called Emmmanuel Theological Seminary.

I am not opposed to being in a Southern Baptist church, of course, although I do not want to be in either a Hyper Arminian or a Hyper Calvinist church.

God bless