Dec 5, 2008

Why No Rebuttal?

Awhile back I posted some writings on I John 5:1 and showed how the Hyperists misinterpret this passage when they affirm that it teaches that the new birth is an accomplished fact before the gospel is believed.

See here

And here

I had more visitors for the first posting than I have had since I have been posting in this blog. Several hundred visited my site to read. Did I get one of the Hyperists to respond and to show how I had erred? No. I find that quite satisfying. I know James White reads here periodically. Why did he not respond? He could respond to my internet skills in search engines, but not to my rebuttal of his "exegesis" of the passage?

So, why no rebuttal? Is it because I clearly showed how their "exegesis" was in error?

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