Oct 6, 2008

The Great Inconsistency

Those who promote and stress the erroneous idea that one must be born again before faith and repentance, before conversion, such as those today who call themselves "Reformed" (they are not really "reformed," but a neo hybrid "reformed" entity), will say that the preaching of the gospel is a "means" or "instrument" in the work of regeneration. This is a great inconsistency.

Those who are most honest, will "shell down the corn" and aver that, technically, strictly, or theologically speaking, the gospel is not a means. Others, who are not so honest and consistent, will continue to say the gospel IS a means to bring about regeneration but yet affirm that one must be regenerated before the means can be effective.

The inconsistency can easily be discovered. All one has to do is to ask these folks, men like Sproul, White, Piper, Duncan, Grudem, Mohler, Ascol (Bill or Tom), etc., one simple question, one I have asked in this forum before. I even put it into the form of a challenge. I did not hear one word from those who promote the "born again before faith" error, neither Hardshell nor Reformed, who would come forward and answer the question. Why did not White attempt an answer? Is it because the question is designed to reveal this inconsistency?

Here is the question. I am still waiting for the answer. James, will you give us your answer?

When the bible says that sinners are "begotten by the gospel," does this not mean by believing it? It is a simple question, is it not?

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