Oct 2, 2008

Pendleton on Broadus & Phds.

"The Columbian College in 1843 conferred on Elder (Andrew - SG)Broaddus the degree of Doctor of Divinity. He showed his good sense in declining to accept it. With his views of ministerial parity he could not consistently receive it. His brethren had so much respect for his wishes that they never called him Doctor. Such men as Andrew Fuller, Robert Hall, and Andrew Broaddus had not need of D. D. to their names to swell them into consequence. Those who deserve the doctorate (if indeed any do) are the men who do not need it. We would be glad for the title of D.D. to be dispensed with altogether. We think of some denominations — the Methodists particularly — became a little more liberal in bestowing it, the day will come when it will be considered an evidence of literary and theological mediocrity."

("The Life and Writings of Rev. Andrew Broaddus" - Christian Repository, 1852; By Rev. James M. Pendleton Bowling Green, KY)


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