Oct 10, 2008

What An Opportunity!

What a blessed opportunity for Christians to witness now to the lost and hopeless! What a time for our spiritual leaders to step up and call the nation to repentance with genuine compassion and concern.

What an opportunity to take advantage of these troubling times to teach men about sin, including greed, and faithlessness! What a time to call our nation to "consider its ways"! What a time for giving solid spiritual guidance to men who are looking for answers!

How weak are we! We cannot solve our problems! We cannot admit our own guilt in causing them and cannot confess our own inability to solve them! Oh how have we forgotten God!

Even now the pride of man swells and he puts his faith in himself, in his own abilities to save himself!

Rise up preachers! God is opening doors to help people! To instruct people! Be not still! Cry aloud!

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