Oct 3, 2008

Old Wine in New Bottles

As I have mentioned before, I have intentions of writing a book titled - "Old Wine in New Bottles" and show how many Christian churches have put "old wine in new bottles" by their mixing Old Covenant laws into the New Covenant.

Here are ten areas where I intend to show that this has happened.

1. Sabbath and holy days

2. Tithing laws

3. Washings

4. Circumcision

5. Dietary laws

6. Ritualism & Ceremonialism (ordered worship, religious images, etc.)

7. Professional priesthood (dress, titles, roles, etc.)

8. Temples (Cathedrals, pompous meeting houses, etc.)

9. Geneologies (apostolic succession, Landmarkism, etc.)

10. Legalism (law keeping for justification, meritorious salvation, etc.)

Some might add others, like capital punishment (I do not, however).

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