Oct 2, 2008

Lovers of Titles

Alexander Campbell wrote on this topic. A writer said this about his views (which I have read in the Christian Baptist myself over the past several months, but this is a good excerpt):

"The clergy also "hanker after titles" - the D. D. degree in particular - and when a Baptist clergy friend of his (Andrew Broaddus, I believe, or perhaps Bishop Semple - SG) turned down the honor, Campbell commented: "When the degree was conferred on him, he, like a Christian, declined it." In his "Third Epistle of Peter" -- published in The Christian Baptist in 1824 -- he excoriated the clergy to the point of appearing to be deliberately offensive. He not only charged that the clergy "fleece the flock" for money, but that they feigned to make the people think they cared for their souls while they did it."


I agree with Campbell on this. It has gotten much worse since his day! Men flaunt their titles and their accomplishments, and promote themselves, being like Diotrephes "who loved to have the preeminence among the brethren." (See III John 1:9) They do it to make money, to sell books and influence, etc. Jesus taught us not to advertise ourselves in this manner!

Was Jesus a "man of letters"? No! In fact, his not having "letters" amazed the "degree holders"! (See John 7: 15)

The greatest preachers were men who never went to a seminary. Did any of the apostles, except Paul? Were they not all, by and large, "uneducated and unlettered men"? (See Acts 4: 13)

Did John Gill attend seminary? Did Charles Spurgeon? Need I say more?

I am like the man who said - "I have a Phd., Post Hole Digging." And, as the man who said - "I have a Bsd., Back-Side of Desert" (as Moses).

Also, as far as being a language "exegete," in either Hebrew or Greek, or Aramaic, I can only say with the man who said - "I know a little Hebrew and a little Greek. The little Hebrew I know sells insurance and the little Greek runs a restaurant."

A little less "hubris" would be a great thing to see among the Christian clergy of our day. They have become too "professional."

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