Oct 4, 2008

What Kind of Calvinists?

What kind of Calvinists do Baptists, Southern Baptists, need? What kind do they not need? I believe we need the Spurgeon kind.

The kind we do not need, is this kind:

1. The "wine and cheese" kind, as Adrian Rogers spoke about.
2. The arrogant kind.
3. The elitist kind.
4. The brainish kind.
5. The 'know it all' kind.
6. The intolerant kind.
7. The non-evangelistic kind.
8. The kind that thinks the gospel = Calvinism.
9. The kind that is combative and feisty.
10. The kind that emphasizes conferences over evangelistic meetings.
11. The kind that makes Calvinism into a "hobby horse."
12. The kind that decries hearty evangelistic appeals.
13. The kind that promotes the "born again before faith" error.
14. The kind that is close-minded.
15. The kind that won't preach topically and textually.
16. The kind who are constantly talking about how Baptist churches are mostly unregenerate.
17. The kind who are always talking about "restoring the gospel."
18. The kind who are always suspicious of church growth.
19. The kind who disallow young children from baptism.
20. The kind who belittle decrying pedobaptism and promote Baptists having church fellowship with pedoBaptists.
21. The kind who promote "elder rule" after the pattern of the Presbyterians.
22. The kind who enter privily into churches in an attempt to effect Ernest Reisinger's "quiet reformation."
23. The kind who decry the use of the word "decision" in connection with regeneration and the new birth.
24. The kind who decry teaching sinners to pray the sinner's prayer for salvation.
25. The kind who spend more time making converts, from Arminianism to Calvinism, than to Christ and the simple gospel.

Oh give us Calvinists as Spurgeon!

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