Oct 1, 2008

October's Agenda

I am looking forward, the Lord willing, to completing my series "Hardshell Proof Texts" this month. Already I have looked at four major verses in the writings of John that Hardshells, and Hyper Calvinists, and some neo "Reformed" Baptists and PedoBaptists, use in an attempt to prove that one is "regenerated" or "born again" "prior to" or "before" or "antecedent to" experiencing "repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ," namely John 1:10-13, John 3: 3-8, I John 5: 1, and John 5:24, 25.

I was a little amazed that I did not get one comment from a Hardshell, or other Hyperist, in response to those passages. Where is Gene's rebuttal? Is James still reading? If he could take time to make a blog entry about my "search engine" skills, it seems he could take the same amount of time and write a rebuttal to my interpretation of those four passages. Maybe he saw the title of the articles had "Hardshell" in it and he thought they could not apply to him?

I am also a little surprised that I have not even gotten an "amen" comment. I have had several, over the past few months, who have asked that I write on the verses cited by the "born again before faith" crowd and show how they err. I have done that on four leading verses used by them and have, to my judgment, completely disproved their faulty reasoning and "eisogesus."

Nevertheless, hopefully what I am writing will be of benefit to not only those who are reading this book as I write it, but also to future generations, who it is presumed will continue to debate this topic.

"The Hardshell Baptist Cult" book has ever been intended to be exhaustive, as much as possible, of the Hardshell denomination, and to deal with it from both the scriptures and from history. Are they really the "Primitive" or "Original" Baptists on this important bible doctrine?

Anyway, the upcoming chapters in the series on "Hardshell Proof Texts" will deal with the "drawing" of John 6 and with the question - "is the 'drawing' equated with the new birth?" Also, what is meant by "coming to Christ"? Is this regeneration or conversion, or both?

I will also look at verses in John 8 & 10 that are used by Hardshells to uphold their false "ordo salutis." I will also look at some verses in Acts, at the conversions of the 3000 on the day of Pentecost, of Cornelius' household, of Lydia, and Paul.

I will then look at passages in the epistles that Hardshells use to uphold their Hyperism, and their attempt to prove that faith in Christ is not necessary for eternal salvation.

So, stay tuned! And, if anyone wants to comment in opposition or agreement, please feel free to do so.

I want to also say that I have other articles in draft form, apart from that which is part of the Hardshell book, and I hope they will be of interest to the Gadfly's readers.


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