Oct 23, 2008

Hardshellism's Refutation

Thus far in my book - "The Hardshell Baptist Cult" (see Hardshellism link) I have refuted much of the argumentation put forth by Hardshell apologists to uphold their Hyperistic view of "born again before and without faith."

In early chapters I refuted their "logical reasonings" with regard to the regeneration of infants and idiots, and with regard to the use of means, human and divine, in God's work of creation and resurrection.

I also wrote against their "logical deductions" and "interpretations" of the "Parable of the Sower and the Seed" and showed how they erred in making the pre-faith work of preparing the ground to be regeneration.

Recently I have published several chapters in the series (section) on "Hardshell Proof Texts" and have already looked at these passages.

1. John 1: 10-13
2. John 3: 1-16
3. I John 5: 1 (with 2: 29 & 4: 7)
4. John 5: 24, 25
5. John 6: 37, 44-47, 65

Scripture passages and other arguments of "logic" yet to examine are these:

1. John 8: 47
2. John 10 (sheep)
3. Conversions in Acts (Pentecost, Cornelius, Lydia, Saul, etc.)
4. Hebrews 8 ('they shall not teach everyone to know the Lord')
5. II Timothy 1: 10
6. Romans 2: 13-15
7. Depravity passages (that supposedly imply Hyperism)
8. Ezekiel's 'new heart.'
9. Misc. minor passages

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