Oct 19, 2008

Prophetic Names - 12 Tribes

Prophetic Names - 12 Tribes

Rolleston, under title "NAMES OF THE SONS OF JACOB ACCORDING TO THEIR BIRTH," gives the name and their significance in the following citation from her works.

Reuben, behold a son, the son, arising, pouring out blessings
Simeon, heard, characteristic of the Church
Levi, bound, united, characteristic of the Church
Judah, praise to the Lord, for the coming Messiah
Dan, judging, ruling, his people
Naphtali, wrestling, sufferings at the first coming
Gad, good fortune, blessings at the second coming, (Arab. use.)
Asher, happy, the going forth of the Gospel
Issachar, recompense, or reward, of the Messiah's sufferings
Zebulon, dwelling, as the promised seed at his first coming
Joseph, adding.

Ephraim, fruitful, Gen 41:52; gathering in the Gentiles
Benjamin, son of the right hand, called by his mother, Ben-oni, son of sorrow, the suffering and triumphant Messiah

From http://www.philologos.org/

Taken together, these names tell the story of the gospel.

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