Oct 22, 2008

Reviewing "Reviews"

Over the past several months I have written "reviews" of leading internet articles that were written in defense of the "born again before faith" error of the Hardshells, neo "Reformed" Baptists and Presbyterians, and other Hyper Calvinists. Here is a list of some of these "Reviews."

1. James White (more than one)
2. Bill Ascol
3. Frank Turk & Dan Phillips at "Teampyro"
4. R. C. Sproul
5. Gene Bridges
6. Steve Camp
7. John Piper
8. Hardshell Apologists (numerous)

Upcoming planned Reviews include the following writers and apologists for the "error."

1. Wayne Grudem
2. Ligon Duncan
3. W. E. Best
4. W. Pierce

I have also reviewed the writings of authors who do not support Hyperism and the false equation that puts the new birth (regeneration) before faith. Writers such as J. P. Boyce, B. H. Carroll, Jr., J. M. Pendleton, etc.

I also have plans to write more extensive "reviews" of the writings of these authors.

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