Oct 31, 2008

Samuel Stennett & Hardshellism

A Hardshell web page (with some good historical writings) has the writings of "Seventh Day Baptist" Samuel Stennett of England. I have asked my dad about this church and the elders who serve the Hardshell church in Indiana. He does not know a lot about them. They seem to be Absoluters (believers in the "absolute predestination of all things") and perhaps supporters of the "liberal" wing that is supporting missions, bible classes, and other such things. They may even be among the number of "liberals" who are beginning to preach that all the elect will hear the gospel, or perhaps even, that the word of God is the means God uses in regenerating the elect.

I assume that this church publishes writings it agrees with. If so, do they agree with what Stennett said about the gospel being a means in begetting? Here is what Stennett said in his writing on the parable of the Sower and Seed.

"What a great blessing is the word of God!

It is more precious far than the seed with which the husbandman sows his ground. With this we are begotten by the will of God, that we may be a kind of first-fruits of his creatures."


Perhaps I should email the elders and ask them if they agree?

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