Oct 13, 2008

Waller on Elder Rule

"If it is urged, that as primitive churches had a multiplicity of elders, so must ours in order to be apostolical; I answer, that it is a non sequiter. We have no proof that all the churches had a multiplicity. And it is far from being evident, that any apostolic injunction existed, requiring such a regulation. But I do not object to the number; though I utterly deny that the rejection or want of a plurality constitutes us 'unapostolical.' I only reject a certain kind and quality, viz: lay-elders, who, I have proved, are an abomination unknown to the Bible, uncommissioned of Heaven; and all others who are not "apt to teach." But we lack proper material. We have not the men in every church qualified for elders...If suitable persons can be found, let them be ordained. Paul has specified the requisite qualifications." (emphasis mine - SG)

[From Western Baptist Review, John L. Waller, editor, Frankfort, KY, September, 1845, pp. 308-313. - jrd]


Of course, I agree.

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